PT. Skala Presisi Indonesia

AND 4238
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1/10,000 display resolution
Full Digital Calibration (FDC)
Large (14.2mm high), bright red LED display digits
Desktop or panel mount display placement (Optional column or wall mounting)
Selectable units of measure:
1. International version: kg or t
2. U.S. version: lb or kg
A/D conversion rate of approx. 10 times / second
Easily selectable minimum divisions: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50
RFI / EMI protection
External control capability using up to 3 input signals:
Select from Zero, Tare, Mode, Net / Gross, print or M+
HI / GO / LO comparator function
Weighing-in comparator function using 4 set points:
Target, Freefall, Preliminary & near Zero
Three relay outputs: Allows semi automated control by automatic activation of valves & gates and status lights & alarms
Flexible power sourcing:
1. Nominal DC9V (DC6V to 12V)
2. AC adapter input jack or input terminal


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